Logispring was established in July 2001 as a venture capital firm, initially focused on supply chain and logistics. The firm was at first based in Geneva, with a branche office in London and in the USA (Boston at first, then New York).

The firm invested in numerous companies in Europe and in the USA, out of two funds, commonly known as Logispring I (vintage 2001) and Logispring II (vintage 2007).

TNT, the largest investor in the Logispring Funds,  acquired all interests in both Logispring Funds from all other stakeholders, including the management team, in a transaction completed in 2010. During the process, the former Logispring team continued to operate under the name Ad Eundem Partners.

Most portfolio companies were at the time of the initial investment in their “early stage” of development.  At the time of the acquisition by TNT a rapidly increasing number were “maturing” or “later stage” companies. The majority were (very) prosperous, and promised to deliver excellent returns for their shareholders.