The name "Ad Eundem Partners" was adopted by the team that founded Logispring, built the Logispring brand, created the portfolios of investee companies of the funds commonly known as Logispring I and Logispring II, and managed these funds and their portfolio companies from 2001 until 2010.

The team consisted of entrepreneurs, industrial experts and investment professionals, who combined forces in a venture capital and private equity firm with a "balanced portfolio" strategy, focused on building businesses for global supply networks (industrial processes, logistics, manufacturing). The firm had a global scope with strong transatlantic roots.

The firm was experienced in guiding and developing management teams through the various stages of change and development that build successful businesses. Its domain expertise encompassed industrial innovation, operational excellence and the combination of technology with established operations and proven best practices.

The firm’s focus was attractive to informed investors:

There is massive opportunity for value creation – even small incremental improvements create meaningful investment returns when applied to global industrial companies

Returns are steady and predictable – focusing on investments that deliver cost savings and revenue enhancement to industrial companies ensures growth irrespective of the business cycle.  Further, the feasibility of such improvements can be validated with industrial customers prior to investment, unlike many venture-backed propositions which depend upon future consumer trends for their success

There is a continuing series of disruptive developments – industrial companies are forced to respond to a wide range of changes in their environments in order to remain competitive, from outsourced manufacturing to environmentally-optimized operations.  Demand for innovative technologies and services to help them respond continues to grow at an accelerating rate

Ad Eundem Partners brought the knowledge and personal networks together needed to understand the needs and opportunities in global supply networks with the investment skill to discern those that are most likely to generate compelling returns for the investors.  The firm had a global scope with strong transatlantic roots.

The former Logispring (Ad Eundem Partners) team members continue to work in and for companies who understand these extraordinary value-creation opportunities, and and are seeking to exploit them. In an ongoing dialogue with investors, academics and CEOs, both from the Logispring network and portfolio and newly engaged, the views underpinning the original investment strategy are further explored and developed.



Investing in industrial improvement